The Selling Teacher

It is often said that to be a great leader, one must be a great follower.

Richard Serrano Celeste had proven this quote by work and by heart. He is the ‘selling teacher.’ He was a graduate of Business Administration, major in Entrepreneurial Marketing. He studied all the theories needed to be a great entrepreneur and graduated as magna cum laude at Mindanao State University in Marawi City.

He loves to read books, but what’s more amazing is that his learning never ends there. He applied what he had learned and shared them to his class.

When I went to college, I used to think that degree is just a ticket to get good job. With him, it was different. He always motivated us to become what we really wanted to be. He knew how to ignite our interest and helped us in achieving them.

I remember how he gave us time to organize exhibits. Those who love to cook can sell food. Those who love to sew can sell dresses. Those who love to paint can sell paintings. Those who are not artistic at all can buy and sell things. The group with the highest profit gains the highest grade.

Through this activity, he made learning enjoyable. This also helped us understood how it is to be an entrepreneur by heart, not just by profession.

He also emphasized that we should not be taking business courses to remain employees for the rest of our lives. He taught us business theories because he wanted us to be equipped and not to be afraid to invest on something worth risking.

Additionally, he used to mention that investment is not everything in business. You have to be equipped with a mind that plans, a heart that is filled with positive attitude, hands that work, and a life that is committed to achieving your goals. For us to learn more about these values, he asked us to submit critical analysis of some inspirational books by Robert Kiyosaki and other successful businessmen.

The steps weren’t easy, but it never meant it is impossible. My teacher’s life is a living testimony to his own teaching. He planned, he invested, and he became the selling teacher.

Richard Serrano Celeste – the selling teacher.


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